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Those looking to do the “performance/srt” front end swap here is the complete list of things needed and also some tips.

This list may or may not work depending upon which year your durango is (mine is a newer durango 2015) im assuming the entire swap will work for the 2014 and up durangos this will be edited upon confirmation.

Also, there’s a lot of false information out there about this swap so here it is

The parts can be found from various vendors mopar dealership, eastcoastmoparts ( this was the cheapest and who i used). But the part numbers listed can be taken to whomever you choose and ordered from them.

Shipping can be expensive for the hood and i think i spent around $300 in just getting the hood and front bumper parts shipped out.

The bumper and various other parts i ordered from Steve White Motors and spent around $1,400 ($260 was shipping cost)

The hood/ and miscellaneous parts needed i bought from eastcoastmoparts and spent $624 ($60 was shipping cost.. yes it was a glitch but they honored it)

The fog lamps i got lucky and found them on ebay for $129 a piece brand new. They’re much more expensive from the dealership and other vendors AND i found out its the same fog light used on the grand cherokee

Those looking to do just the “performance” hood heres what you need

Hood -
part # 68309501AG

Center hood vent bezel -
part # 68321446AC

Left and right vent bezels -
part# 68309356AB

Heat deflector/silencer -

Pcm cover (protects your under the hood computer from getting wet ) part # 68334597AB

Screws (need 6 total which holds the bezels to the hood) part # 6511229AA

Everything else from your old hood swaps right over to the new hood

Those looking to do the bumper fascia to complete the look you wont need a ton of parts as nothing has changed on the front end really. The following parts are what i found is all thats needed

Bumper cover
part# 6PN54TZZAA

Grille & grill surround

Upper bracket left & right
part# 68191930AE

Retainer left & right
part# 68227824AA

The Lower grille has two different options one for if you have adaptive cruise control ( a black ball in the lower portion of your grille, and no adaptive cruise control all grille no black ball in the center). You will only choose ONE of these two below for the lower grille

Lower grille NO ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL part# 68320617AA

part# 68320618AA

Outer grille left & right
part# 68307812AA
Part# 68307813AA

Fog lamp bezel left & right
Part# 68307808AA
Part# 68307809AA

Fog lamps left & right
Part# 68275511AC 68275510AC

Also because the front bumper has front parking sensors you will need nylon hole plugs to cover the holes which can be found at home depot the size is 11/16 and they are a white color (these will need to be painted with the bumper)

Everything else that i have not listed was the same as what i have on my durango now and was not needed . Dealerships will tell you this swap will not work because none of them have done it or only know what their computer tells them . But in all reality nothing has changed on the front end except the bumper cover and the performance hood depending upon what year durango you have

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