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First of all I tried searching Google and this forum and haven't found anyone that has the same symptoms as me .I've got a 2013 Citadel and just the other day out of the blue the power liftgate would not work. No beep as if it was locked but the lights do flash when you activate it with the fob. I popped the cover off the back side and tried to activate the manual release but it would not work for me it moved about a half an inch down but would not release the latch tried shaking a bit while pressing down. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong.

I ended up putting 12 volts to the latch mechanism directly to open/close it so I know that part works and the shocks hold the door up no problem

Now I'm looking to troubleshoot the issue just wondering what other sensors etc to watch out for....or do I need high-end scanner to troubleshoot this properly there is no engine light on and my basic OBD scanner does not show any codes

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