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Liftgate wont open, unless i use the manual lever inside the panel. Cinch motor and latch have all been replaced.

Has codes B197f-12 - Power Lift gate latch control 1 - circuit short to battery - hard set, comes back right away
B197f-11 - Power Lift gate latch control 1 - circuit short to ground - comes back after trying to open a few times
B197a-00 Power lift gate latch release - sector switch performance
B1979-00 power lift gate latch cinch - sector switch performance

I can manually cinch and release the lift gate using the scanner. It will cinch closed when you close it but not release.
The handle shows open/close positions on the scanner, ive tested the wiring for shorts to power/ground and all seem to check out.

I leaning on this being a faulty module. Has anyone had any experience with this? am i on the right track?
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