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The first thing I would do would be to clear the codes and disconnect the battery for a couple minutes to reset the system. Sometimes spurious code generation happens as a one off. I'd then see if the codes return. If they do, I would then check the wiring and connections for any corrosion or other signs of injury. I'd also check the condition and level of the brake fluid.

The associated ABS bits and bobs are not really prone to failure generally, so if a module or unit has failed, I would first see if I could find the parts from a salvage yard as there's a good chance that used parts are still operational.

And of course, a dealer diagnostic will tell you what is wrong, so even if you do DIY the repair, you'll know confidently what to swap, or at least get a decent idea of what the shop repair bill will be going in.

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Well I took it to a mechanic, he says the abs module is bad. Thing is, my breaks work just fine. All speed sensors are fine, brake fluid is good. So I went to a lqk and took an abs module off another Durango. Fingers crossed it's good.
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