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I have a 2003 Durango SLT 4.7L. I have had it since 2004, with 11k miles. I am now at 190K. I have done routine maintenance through the years. So I know everything that has been done, do aviation electrical work by trade, have little knowledge mechanically to be dangerous.

Recently I have had several issues. I have bounced ideas off aviation engine mechanics at my work and possible avenues.

First issue, when I come to a stop, I idle around 500-530 RPM. But When I go to neutral, park, or reverse, it corrects itself up to 650-700. That low idle almost feels as it will stall.
Second issue, it seems temp related. In the mornings I drive to work, the acceleration is great. But when driving home in after noon, it feels like the air/fuel mixture seems off. As if I’m losing a cylinder or power. The RPM will rise, but the MPH lags behind. My shifting is smooth still.

Note: When I am at the light stopped, with foot on brake, I can press on the gas, while braking, and when I left off the gas, it stays at the correct idle and doesnt drop back down to 500-530.

There are no CEL for any of these issues.

I have replaced the TPS x 2, IAC, MAF sensors. I’ve thoroughly cleaned the throttle body and IAC valve. Less than 6 months ago I replaced the Fuel Pump assembly due to failure after 15 years. This past weekend I replaced all plugs, and checked the ignition coils (which all read the same).

At this point I wanted to run by other members here. I just received a scan tool, and running DashCommand(Full Version). There are some parameters I am curious about. But I will give a snippet of when I am at low idle. The second issue, didn’t occur this morning so this data may not help that problem.
Note, I noticed yesterday it was 90 degrees ambient, and intake temp was showing 146 F and I had the acceleration issues.

Coolant Temp = 205F Voltage = 14V
Intake TEMP = 90 IGN Timing #1 = 14.0
Ambient TEMP = 78
MAP = 10.9 inHG
VAC = -19 inHG
Boost = -9.3 inHG
RPM = 516
ABS TPS = 12.5%
OXY 02S11 = .195 V
OXY 02S12 = .625 V
Short Term Fuel Bank 1 = -1.6

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Well that's good news.
So think it was the camshaft sensor?
I'm still running the stock coils in my '01 4.7L at a tad over 355,000 so they seem to be quite robust.
Just ran her this morning on an errand and she still purrs.
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