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  1. Brass Monkey package wheels

    Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    I’m looking into getting some wheels and my previous post was asking about if 17” Wrangler Rubicon wheels would fit. This post however, is asking if anyone within reasonable driving distance of Washington DC is selling their factory brass monkey wheels. Please let me know. Thank you!
  2. Wrangler wheels on a 2017 R/T

    Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    I'm not very familiar with tires and the usage of bolt pattern/offset and all that so wondering if I can get some help. I have a 2017 Durango R/T with the factory 20 inch (265/50 20) gloss black wheel as shown. I have seen some individuals use the trackhawk or other Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels...
  3. 18" wheels on my 2006 but spare is a 17"

    Durango Discussions
    Well as I put in the header my 2006 Durango SLT with the 5.7ltr Hemi came with 18" wheels and tires when I purchased it. I thought it was standard but apparently that was some kind of special order or something. I mean I like the 18" and that is not the problem. The other day I wanted to check...
  4. Wheels for 2018 SRT

    Durango SRT Discussions
    Having a really tough time finding wheels for the 2018 Durango SRT. Any suggestions? Would Jeep SRT wheels fit? Last pair that was a guaranteed fit by Carid apparently did not take into consideration the size of the Brimbo brakes. I am assuming Jeep SRT Wheels would fit, but obviously looking...
  5. KMC Rockstar II Rims

    Durango Discussions
    Hello all, I'm trying to plan out buying my summer tires/wheels over the winter and I have noticed that when I am on tirerack's site it's saying that my 2014 D AWD Limited can take the KMC Rockstar II rims with a 30mm offset. Has anyone actually used these on their D? Your thoughts? Thanks...
  6. 2016 R/T Blacktop wheels and tires

    For Sale
    No longer for sale. Please delete.
  7. New wheels and tires

    Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    New to the site but don't see very many raised G3 Durangos so thought I'd share in case anyone else is thinking about doing this. I went with XD Grenade Series rims with silver face and black trim. They are 20x9. The tires are Toyo Open Country AT/2 (surprisingly quiet) size 275/55/20. Also...
  8. 2016 to 2013 Durango wheel change.

    Durango Discussions
    Looking for advice. I purchased a set of wheels that come off of a 2016 Durango RT. They are brand new with less than 10 miles on them. I put them on my 2013 Durango Crew. It has the 5.7 hemi. Now I am receiving a message to service my tire pressure monitoring system. I pulled the power off of...
  9. Thinking of Powder Coating

    Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so, this is my first post. Picked up a white 14 limited last week and we're thinking of coating the wheels in gloss black. I'm wondering if anyone has done this to the factory 18" wheels and how it looks? If it were 100% up to me, "we" would just upgrade the...
  10. 1st Gen 02 Durnago 5.9L R/T

    Durango Wheels & Tires 1998-03
    Hey guys, New to the forum, and was wondering what are some of the options for me to put different rims onto my Tank? I have the 17" R/T rims now and I like how big they are I don't want to go with an 18". I know its hard to find our bolt pattern and other weird dodge related things in...
  11. 2014 Durango 20" Wheels w/Tires- NEW. In ME, can ship.

    For Sale
    2014 Durango 20" Wheels w/Tires- NEW 2014 Durango 20" Wheels w/Tires- NEW
  12. Will 20" rims fit my 2003 R/T???

    Durango Wheels & Tires 1998-03
    Hello ya"ll. i have a 2003 Durango RT with its stock 17x9 rims and tires on it. My truck is completely stock for now. Im looking at a set 20 inch Black Rhino Peak matte black wheels rims and the size is 20x10, bolt pattern is 6x4.5 6x114.3 +20 offset. Will these fit without having to adjust the...
  13. DMII wheels??

    Durango Wheels & Tires 2004-09
    I have a 2005 SLT. I lost a center cap so I went to the Dodge dealer to get a new one and they had no idea what I had. My center caps say DMII. Anyone know who this company is and how I can get a replacement center cap? I've looked all over online and I can't even find anything similar. I was...