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    Hi all, Just got my 15' Durango RT, first post to the forums. I'm thinking about supercharging. Wanted to ask if there was anyone that has done this already and what the best plan was to go about doing this. I see a bunch of options: Whipple, Vortech, Edelbrock, Ripp. Does anyone have any...
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    I just bought a 99 Durango magnum 4x4 with over 150,000 miles was really taken care of . I need some ideas on what to do with it If there are any ideas help me out thanks in advance
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    Hello everyone. I'm looking to get the best performance out of my newly purchased 07 Durango SXT with a 4.7l in it. What would you all recommend as important first steps when attempting to increase horsepower and overall efficiency? Exhaust and headers? Plugs and wires? Superchips? Intake? It...