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  1. FS: 2018 Black 20" wheels with Pirelli tires-Complete package

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    Black 20" wheels with V-rated Pirelli Scorpion tires. I bought these from a local dealer that removed them from a new 2018 Durango GT and installed 22s. I intended to use them for summer wheels on my 2018 R/T but decided to get different wheels. This setup has less than 10 miles on it...
  2. aftermarket TPMS sensor for 2016 limited

    Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    hello long time listener first time poster. started with search button didn't find what i wanted. My wife has a 2016 limited with 20" wheels. just purchased used 18" jeep wheels without tpms sensors for a winter wheel/tire set up. I would like to get aftermarket sensors but do not want to put...
  3. 2016 to 2013 Durango wheel change.

    Durango Discussions
    Looking for advice. I purchased a set of wheels that come off of a 2016 Durango RT. They are brand new with less than 10 miles on them. I put them on my 2013 Durango Crew. It has the 5.7 hemi. Now I am receiving a message to service my tire pressure monitoring system. I pulled the power off of...
  4. "Service Tire Pressure System" Error - 2014 Limited AWD

    Durango Discussions 2014+
    Writing to report my first 'issue' with the Durango. All tires still are within 'green' range (35 and 37 psi) as far as pressure. I did not check the spare but something tells me this is not about psi anymore. Any chance I can fix this at home? I would love to avoid the hassle of scheduling...