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  1. 2011 Crew Brake Controller No power

    Durango Discussions
    I have a dealer installed Oem tow package and they did the manual splicing for a Tekonsha Primus iQ brake controller at the time. Years later I got a camper and I’m trying to run the controller but there is no power to the black wire. I chased it back to see where they spliced into and it’s an...
  2. How to figure if I have a Tow Package for a Travel Trailer?

    Durango Discussions
    I purchased a 2011 Durango Citadel AWD. We are a large family looking to purchase a travel trailer. How do I figure out if I have the tow package or not? The dealer that I purchased it from was not very helpful and would only say "We're not sure, but probably not." The service after the sale...
  3. Do I need anti-sway bars?

    Durango Towing
    I just purchased a 2012 V6 Crew with the factory tow package and I'm looking to get a 21-24' camper trailer to pull behind it. I'm a beginner at towing, so I'm starting from ground-zero. Does the factory tow package come with anti-sway bars or some anti-sway system? If so, is it good enough? If...
  4. Transmissikon Temperature display for Durango

    Dodge Durango How-to's
    I searched this forum to try to learn if "transmission temperature" is displayed in the DID of my 2016 Dodge Durango R/T somewhere. I could not find a helpful post to answer this question. After reading the car manual 15 times on page 334, it was still a mystery. I had this info available on...
  5. Towing without towing package on 2018 model with V8

    Durango Towing
    Can one still tow up to 7200 lb (AWD) or 7400 lb (RWD) with ANY V8 version of the 2018 Durango without the towing package by just adding the hitch receiver and harness? I'm looking to purchase a new 2018 and wonder if I have to find one with the towing package or if the receiver/harness can just...
  6. Travel trailer length. HELP!

    Durango Towing
    We are getting some really confusing advice about what size travel trailer we can pull. We have a 2006 Durango with a 5.7L Hemi and a factory installed tow package (we are almost certain of that....we found the blue plug for the brakes and a tow/haul button on the shifter.) What we haven't...
  7. New to towing - 2015 citadel 3.6

    Durango Towing
    Good morning! I am completely new to towing and need advice on what to add to my Durango and what I can tow. I am looking to purchase a TT with a dry weight of 5300 with GVWR of 7100. I know the towing for my vehicle is 6200. Will the weight of the camper be an issue? Is there anything I can...
  8. 2014 D towing mirrors

    Durango Towing
    I cannot find any complete information on what folks have used for towing mirrors other than the kind that strap onto the doors (such as the McKesh Mirrors). I would prefer the they type that clamp onto the actual mirrors and something that is not too expensive. I like this type but it...
  9. need help with towing my trailer. the rear is really squated

    Durango Towing
    ok i have a 98 durango 4x4 the rear squats really bad when i put my trailer on with my rzr and atv. what i want to know is what kit or kits i need to stiffen the suspension and make my durango haul the trailer. there are so many options out there figured i would call on someone with experiance
  10. transmission cooler?

    Durango Towing
    Does anyone know if the 2007 4.7 V8 4WD Flexfuel Aspen (same as 07 durango) comes equipped with a transmission cooler. Looks like it is and I had a car savvy guy tell me that there's lines coming off of something behind my grill that goes to the transmission. Reason i'm asking is that I'm...
  11. 2003 Towing Trouble

    Durango Towing
    We have a 2003 Durango with the towing package, the sticker on the driver's door says 6400lbs is our max towing weight. We bought a 5000lb travel trailer, got it all hitched up, drove it off the lot and the first hill we began to have trouble. Engine running hot, cooled off on the down hills...
  12. What Durango would be the best choice for our growing & towing family?

    Durango Towing
    We would appreciate some advice on towing... And arranging car seats! We have a 3rd baby due in July and locating and accessing 3 car seats in an SUV has turned out to be a challenge. So far we have figured out we can put two rear facing car seats in the second row and the forward facing can...
  13. Another Tow/Haul swith question

    Durango Discussions 2004-09
    Great forum guys. It has been very helpful in deciding to purchase a 2008 Durango that I picked up last night with 75,000 miles. I have a question about the tow/haul button which I do have on the end of my gear shifter. I pulled my VIN before buying and my rig does have the tow prep package...
  14. Transmission Oil Cooler

    Durango Towing
    Let me start by saying I am new to the site as a user but have already made use of the site for references on a handful of questions. I purchased my Durango in February and unfortunately, as much as it hurts my pride to say, I was tricked by the dealer. What they said they would add on as a...
  15. 2013 V6: towing/transmission cooler/mirrors

    Durango Towing
    Hi all. I just registered to the site and have a couple of questions as I’ve never had an SUV or travel trailer. We purchased a 2013 Dodge Durango, SXT RWD with 3.6-Liter V6 VVT engine last year to tow a TT. It comes with a Trailer Tow Group IV package (220-Amp Alternator, 7 and 4 Pin Wiring...
  16. 2012 Durango Citadel "Class IV Towing Package". Missing Part???

    Durango Towing
    I bought my 2012 Citadel with this package: The Trailer Tow Package includes: Class IV receiver hitch 4- and 7-pin wiring harness Heavy-duty engine cooling Rear load-leveling suspension which adjusts the ride height of Dodge Durango for optimum handling and control 220-amp alternator Full-size...