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  1. Durango Towing
    Hi there! I'm looking at buying a snowmobile trailer to tow with my 2018 Dodge Durango GT AWD 3.6L (corrected from 5.7 earlier!). We found an all-aluminum snowmobile trailer that has a dry weight around 1,500-1,800. With the two snowmobiles we'd put in there and a bag or two, total two weight...
  2. Durango Towing
    I am looking at a DD RT Hemi 5.7l V8 with class IV tow package to pull our 30' ft trailer dry weight 6238lbs 604lbs hitch weight. The driver door sticker says GVWR is 7100lbs I'm trying to figure out the GCWR as I'm assuming this tells me the total weight - trailer loaded, car loaded that the...
  3. Durango Discussions
    I'm new to the forum - we actually don't own a durango yet. We just bought a camper, and I know the durango is the best vehicle for our family to tow with. I've read a few posts about people asking this question - but I'd like to hear from those of you with experience towing with the V6...
  4. Durango Towing
    Hello! First time posting! I just purchased an incredibly maintained 2012 Durango w/ the 3.6L w/ 5sp auto trans w/ AWD with 110k miles on it so I figured I needed to join some forums. It's an SXT and did not come w/ tow package, but previous owner had the dealer add the factory hitch to tow his...
  5. Durango Discussions 2014+
    2019 Durango RT 5.7L HEMI. What we are hauling 2020 Dutchmen Aspen Trail 33ft long 6400 lbs. + loaded with stuff I believe additional 600 pounds. Also added R3 weight distribution hitch to it. So, far have no problem on highway, with driving speed 55 miles. Durango RT handled it very well.
  6. Durango Towing
    We are getting some really confusing advice about what size travel trailer we can pull. We have a 2006 Durango with a 5.7L Hemi and a factory installed tow package (we are almost certain of that....we found the blue plug for the brakes and a tow/haul button on the shifter.) What we haven't...
1-6 of 6 Results