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  1. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Does anyone know what size the factory spare is? I bought mine used and it's missing the spare... trying to find one has been a fruitless endeavor. Si I figured hey I ask some other owners if they know what sixmze it needs.
  2. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Will these fit without rubbing on the inside when turning? They're the exact same height but 1.2 inches wider. My rt may be lowered, but I cannot verify this...
  3. For Sale
    Upgraded to bigger brakes so, these no longer fit. 275/65 R18 (~32" O.D.) Will come with Jeep center caps, OE tpms and 1 spare tire. Asking $800 OBO Located Warren, NJ. Can meet up for sale if needed. Jeep center caps with sale
  4. Dodge Durango 2018+ SRT and Hellcat
    Hello friends. I have a 2018 AWD SRT with 45,000 miles on it. Was getting a little road noise so I changed the front wheel hub assemblies this morning. No change. The noise is pretty faint but enough to make me wonder. Could be the tires or rear bearings but there’s some unknowns for me with the...
  5. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Hello Folks, I haven't been around as I was in the process of moving and COVID and stuff. But anyway, I was in the market for tires for a while ( not a fan of the Goodyear stock) and Love Nokian , so a few months ago Walmart had the Nokian One HT 275/55R20 113H Tire for sale roughly $100 If...
  6. Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    Hey guys this is kind of a mash of questions into one Anybody have experience with buying from Element Wheels, Rocky Road Outfitters, or TOYO AT3 tires? I wanted to get the Rocky Road 2.5” level, and throw Element Wheels (undecided style) 20x9 wheels on it with TOYO AT3’s on a stock 2017 GT...
  7. Durango Photos/Videos 2011+
    They have arrived and man are these nice! ..and wide. Now just waiting for my Lexani R-Twelves to come in. Should / better be this week! AND btw I ordered these thru SimpleTire Nice experience and really fast shipping/delivery
  8. Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    I'm not very familiar with tires and the usage of bolt pattern/offset and all that so wondering if I can get some help. I have a 2017 Durango R/T with the factory 20 inch (265/50 20) gloss black wheel as shown. I have seen some individuals use the trackhawk or other Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels...
  9. Durango Discussions
    Well as I put in the header my 2006 Durango SLT with the 5.7ltr Hemi came with 18" wheels and tires when I purchased it. I thought it was standard but apparently that was some kind of special order or something. I mean I like the 18" and that is not the problem. The other day I wanted to check...
  10. Durango Discussions
    New to all of this, so excuse me if this is not the place for it I’m not sure. I recently put 20 inch SRT rims on my 2014 Durango RT. I have been having issues with my steering wheel shaking at high-speed‘s I even had the tires balanced at my friends shop. Any idea what I can do about it...
  11. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Hi Guys, I just turned 36k on my company leased 17' SXT Durango. My wife noticed the tires looked a little thin. They are about 1/8" from wear bars and I have some uneven wear on the fronts. I do rotate every other oil change so not sure why they are wearing so quickly. No issues in the rain...
  12. Durango Wheels & Tires 1998-03
    Hello, Does anyone know the specifications of the stock rims for a Generation 1, 2001 Durango? ...or how to find out the specs? My perception is that these specs are important for: Choosing the largest possible tires while keeping the narrowest possible vehicle profile. Knowing whether certain...
  13. Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    I found out a couple months ago that I will be moving North for the next three years to one of the few places I can get stationed where it snows for more than a week or two a year. Specifically I will be moving to the Springfield area of Missouri, which isn't really all that far North compared...
  14. Durango Discussions
    Hello all, I'm trying to plan out buying my summer tires/wheels over the winter and I have noticed that when I am on tirerack's site it's saying that my 2014 D AWD Limited can take the KMC Rockstar II rims with a 30mm offset. Has anyone actually used these on their D? Your thoughts? Thanks...
  15. For Sale
    No longer for sale. Please delete.
  16. Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    My 2014 SXT stock tires are 265/60R18. What is the maximum size tire I can get for some more height? Of course without rubbing. I am not too concerned about the speed ratio change.
  17. Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    So I purchased the Fortera HL as they are a soft riding tire. I ended up getting a road face at firestone. The wheels started vibrating. Went back to firestone they said all the tires were out of balance. So they balanced again. Within a day or so they were vibrating yet again. So I took it to...
  18. Durango Wheels & Tires 1998-03
    I have a 2001 Durango SLT 4x4. Right now I have 265/70/r16 tires on it. What are the biggest sized mud terrain tires I can put on without a lift or fender modification?
  19. Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    New to the site but don't see very many raised G3 Durangos so thought I'd share in case anyone else is thinking about doing this. I went with XD Grenade Series rims with silver face and black trim. They are 20x9. The tires are Toyo Open Country AT/2 (surprisingly quiet) size 275/55/20. Also...
1-19 of 28 Results