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  1. Durango Wheels & Tires 1998-03
    2000 Durango 2WD SLT... 5.9 ...current 235x75x15 I am looking for Wider. My 5.9 can smoke them till they pop.Need better off-line traction, seem's like a 285-295x75 is the limit with stock suspension. Does that size sound reasonable? Brands? Thanks All, Chris
  2. Durango Discussions
    I just recently purchased a 2014 DD RT with the option 20" painted/polished wheels with 265R/50/20 tires. I came from a 2004 DD Limited which was a bit higher with more clearance stock. I'm looking to swap out the tires on the new one to something a bit more A/T that will also add a little...
1-2 of 2 Results