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  1. Coolant temperature sensor pic 13 Durango 3.6L

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    Could anyone please send me a picture and a better description of the location of the coolant temperature sensor on a 2013 Dodge Durango 3.6L? It would be greatly appreciated. I have the part and I know it is fairly easy to replace, but I'm just naïve enough to not know where it is.
  2. 2001 Durango base 4.7 codes p0340, p1391, p0353, p0355

    Durango Tech Tips
    Hey all, having a problem you guys might have some ideas about. Our durango has had a check engine light on for a while and within the last month it started to crank but not start and within the last week started to turn off when driving. We've changed the camshaft position sensor and crankshaft...
  3. ABS not working, ECU was changed,

    Durango Tech Tips
    Hello all, I'm hoping someone out there has an answer to my problem. In short, ABS not working. All lights are normal (they go through there start up process then go out as I'd expect). My problem, truck has "rear wheel ABS" but not working. Truck is 2000 Durango 4x4 4.7. I did change the...
  4. 1999 Dodge Airbag light Probs

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    So for my first car my dad got me a 1999 Magnum Durango. ever since we have had it the airbag light has been on. it hasn't done anything to affect me so i just leave it alone. i was just wondering if anyone knows how to get it to turn off. also i have been having transmissions trouble since the...