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  1. 2015 Durango R/T 2WD / Loaded / 29k miles

    For Sale
    I loved her and she loved me back, but unfortunately a recent job change forces me to say goodbye to one of the best vehicles I've owned. Not desperate to sell, won't respond to lowball offers, no trades. This D has been absolutely babied and looks (and drives) like the day I drove it off the...
  2. Pic Request- Redline and Billet R/Ts please

    Durango Discussions 2014+
    I'm looking for pictures of Redline and Billet R/Ts to help me decide which I like better. You can see a picture on a dealer website and then see the same color all waxed up and it looks so much better. So let's see your pride and joy pictures! :cool::thumbsup: Thank you!
  3. Rallye Emblem -- Reflective Red

    Durango Discussions
    I added the Rallye emblem and covered with reflective red (also covered "AWD"). What to you think? Yay or Nay? The red can be easily removed.
  4. Will these lug nuts fit ok?

    Durango Wheels & Tires 2011+
    I know the factory lug size is M14 1.5 pitch. Just want to make sure these logs will fit as far as seating angle against the wheel. I love how these Lugnuts luck. If anyone has a better suggestion for a rad lug not feel free to share as I'm looking for some...