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  1. RRT on Front AWD axle. Recall for heated steering wheel. Found out at dealer.

    Durango Recalls/TSBs 2011+
    So there is a service bulletin on the all-wheel-drive front axle and I found this out when I took my vehicle into get the brakes checked out which were vibrating. My car passed it is not in the series of part numbers that are affected but I figured I would let everyone know. Also there seems to...
  2. Recall for Braking Mechanism

    Durango Recalls/TSBs 2011+ reported today that FCA will recall all Dodge Durangos ('15 and '16s) manufactured from 12/9/15 to 1/14/16 due to a faulty caliper. Looks like the news hasn't yet broke through FCA, so this is rumor at this point. But it's a pretty detailed report. The recall affects Jeep Grand...