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  1. 2014 Power Steering High Pressure Hose - pinhole leak

    Durango Tech Tips
    Hey everybody, The cherry bomb has developed a pinhole leak in the vertical hose section of this assembly. I'm shopping for a replacement, and pricing the options. So far it looks like an Amazon purchase. I have a question about this hose though. It has kind of an out and back loop in it...
  2. Power steering issue, all help is appreciated!

    Durango Discussions
    So I had a leak in my power steering pump. The vehicle is a 2000 Dodge Durango SLT 4-wheel drive, 4.7L. It was a leak from the actual pump metal housing. I finally replaced it today and man was it a pain! Anyhow, the new pump is on and running a lot better than the old leaking one (like it...
  3. What kind of power steering fluid?

    Durango Discussions
    I have a 2000 durango and i need to replace the power steering pump. I flushed it with regular power steering fluid and a few days later the seal blew. I asked a friend that works for mopar and he says they just use ATf. But the last time I put ATF in a vehicle (1990 grand marquis) it blew the...
  4. 2004 Durango Check-Up/ Diagnostics

    Durango Discussions 2004-09
    I have a 2004 Durango ST 4.7L at 122,000 miles. I took it up to dodge they said i need to flush my transmission and power steering immediately. My truck runs awesome and sounds great but I was wondering why when I am on an inclined plane/ hill my truck will not accelerate it will stay at the...