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  1. Question - PlastiDip - Tailgate Lettering?

    Durango Discussions
    Has anyone used PlastiDip on the tailgate DODGE lettering below the window? I have a white RT w/ the Blacktop package and the chrome just looks out of place. I believe American Brothers makes them in multiple colors for the Challenger but not for the DD. Thanks!
  2. watch me dip...

    Durango Appearance 2011 +
    so i just discovered plasti-dip after checking out the forums. It looks like awesome stuff. i have seen a few pictures on here of badges dipped but what else have you done? i am thinking about dipping my engine cover and maybe my wheels and grill. lets see what you have dipped so everyone...
  3. White Plastidip

    Durango Tech Tips
    I see a lot of posts that mention or show plasti dip projects. They're all pretty amazing. I'm considering getting rid of all the chrome and dark grayish black fascias.. Anyone have any experience with white plastidip on the chrome grille, lower black front fascia, side fascias with black...