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  1. Durango Discussions
    First off, I have a 2015 R/T Durango with a K&N cold air intake and I was wondering what size throttle body would be good to upgrade to. Not looking for anything too crazy like a 90mm but I do want to upsize. Second, can anyone point me in the direction of a bigger throttle body that won’t break...
  2. Durango Discussions
    So Dodge sent me a survey today, and they wanted to know what I disliked. What follows is my response to them, but I want to also know if anyone here has had any of their issues resolved, and also how? Was it through @DodgeCares or was it through the GM at the dealership, or what?! I hope you...
  3. Dodge Durango How-to's
    I have a 2007 Dodge Durango 4.7 (V8) Flex Fuel and am wondering what kind of performance parts I could possibly add to my engine and or transmission? Appreciate it in advance guys.
  4. Durango Discussions
    Okay. I just watched F9. Now I wanna spend money. Listen, I don’t wanna spend whipple money. Im caving in. Im limiting myself to $1500. I already have a magnaflow catback. What am i spending this money on? I wanna go fast. I have a daily driver so f*ck MPG on the Durango, lol...
  5. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    I've heard a lot about how there's not really headers for the 4.7, but I found a couple on summit racing and wanted to know what yall thought.
  6. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Although mine is RWD, but does anyone have any websites or suggestions for an off-road look and performance Durango? Maybe places that are quality and cost effective.
  7. For Sale
    I have a K&N air intake system and a 90mm BBK throttle body for sale! Was on my 2018 Durango R/T and both have about 10,000 miles on them, so they are still very new! Looking to sell as I had to upgrade to a bigger car as my wife is pregnant again 🤷‍♂️ Looking to let them go as a set if...
  8. Durango Performance 2011+
    Hey people, I'm actually looking to lower my 2018 Hemi Citadel for accessibility reasons. I originally test drove a 19 RT which was a little lower. Unfortunately it was a Canadian vehicle and I've been there before with dealers and warranty/recall issues that I just don't want to deal with...
  9. Durango Performance 2011+
    Hey all! Im new here, and just picked up my 2021 R/T about a week ago! Pretty excited about it, I already put a Magnaflow cat-back on it, and she sounds pretty good. I actually have a couple questions, because Im looking to get a CAI and maybe even a dashboard tuner (similar to the...
  10. Durango Performance 2004-09
    I want to install a cold air intake kit and a stage 3 perfomace chip (OBD) plug n play and also installing a voltage chip battery module. And my question was will installing all three of these usually yield a good result. Or do they usually work good together?
  11. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Hi all, Just got my 15' Durango RT, first post to the forums. I'm thinking about supercharging. Wanted to ask if there was anyone that has done this already and what the best plan was to go about doing this. I see a bunch of options: Whipple, Vortech, Edelbrock, Ripp. Does anyone have any...
  12. Durango Discussions 2014+
    I have a '14 Durango Limited I blacked out and did other performanc mods too and I was looking to lower it like many others have using the Eibach Pro Kit for the JGC. However, I was curious if there were any strut upgrades from Eibach or another company that could work here. Ideas? I have the...
  13. Durango Performance 2004-09
    Just got my 04 Durango serviced and they recommended a world of fluid flushes. I asked a few mechanics some say do it some say dont, but none of them own Durango's so I figured my Durango fam should know what to do. :cool: **
  14. Durango Discussions
    Hello everyone. I'm looking to get the best performance out of my newly purchased 07 Durango SXT with a 4.7l in it. What would you all recommend as important first steps when attempting to increase horsepower and overall efficiency? Exhaust and headers? Plugs and wires? Superchips? Intake? It...
  15. Durango Discussions
    Hello all. I just purchased a 2007 SXT from a friend and am very impressed so far with the vehicle. Does anyone have any tips or advice about basic repair or maintenance? Anyone have any problems that I should keep an eye on? Made any cool modifications that you suggest? The only thing that I'm...
  16. Durango Performance 2011+
    This is the place to collect all experiences, data and ideas on gen-III powertrain mods (CAIs, tuners, TBs, fuel-line-magnets, leaf-blower-superchargers, whatever) Seriously, though, this should be the technical thread that collects everybody's efforts and results. It would probably be useful...
1-16 of 21 Results