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  1. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Hello all, first, it is NOT LEAKING OR BURNING OFF, just wanted to get that out of the way. I start the truck and for the first few seconds-minutes, it runs fine. Then the oil light comes on and pressure drops to 0. So you get out to check the oil and it there is none on the stick. Wait for...
  2. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Is there a way to manually set the Oil Change Interval? I have a 2015 Durango 6-Cyl, 2000 miles on it now. Bought it in March. It says that the oil life is at 75%. I assume it's basing this off a typical oil change life cycle of 3000 miles. Is there a way to manually set this? I'm hearing others...
  3. Durango Discussions 2004-09
    Hello. My 2004 Dodge Durango Limited will show the check oil light when the engine is cold after I first turn it on. After I turn it off and restart it's totally fine. This happens in the colder months or if it gets chilly in the morning. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.