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  1. Durango Discussions
    So my durango since I've had it always had a check engine light on, I bought a OBD-II reader from O'reilly's, it reads from top to bottom "P0058 $07E8 1/2 Generic HO2S Heater Control Circuit High Bank 2 Sensor 2 " And the second code is "P0058 $07E8pd 2/2 Generic HO2S Heater Control Circuit High...
  2. Durango Discussions 2011-13
    Durangoers, I have Dodge Durango 2013 SXT and I was checking for the OBDII and I found it beneath the steering, but there was no cover on top of it, is it supposed to be exposed this way, or am I missing the cover? Also, what do you recommend for an app that read the OBDII output and rest any...
1-2 of 2 Results