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  1. Hemi Tick

    Durango Discussions 2014+
    Hi All, I have a 2016 Dodge Durango Citadel with the 5.7 Hemi. I would say within the last 15000km (~<10,000 miles) I started noticing a tick. I should say that a lot of my driving is at highway speeds and I'm often not anywhere that I would have my vehicle running that I would hear anything...
  2. 5.7L hemi engine noise

    Durango Discussions 2014+
    Hello, I have a strange noise coming from my engine bay that is very pronounced especially at Idle. Does anyone know what this may be? I uploaded it to YouTube so here is the link below. Vehicle is a 2015 Dodge Durango RT. It’s worth noting that when I take off the engine cover the sound is...
  3. Skid Plate Removal Increased Engine/Exhaust Noise

    Durango Discussions 2014+
    I recently had a set of Dee Zee running boards installed on our 2017 Citadel Hemi. We have the OEM tow/skid plate package on our DD. In order to install the front mounts of the running boards, the middle skid plate (located under the first row seats to protect the transmission, I guess) had to...
  4. Rattling noise when in higher gear at a lower rpm (Eco mode)

    Durango Discussions 2014+
    So i recently purchased the 2014 Citadel.. 2 weeks in, this rattling sound starts.. Sounds like somethings loose. It only happens when Im in a higher gear at low rpms'. Mostly 5th gear about 1300 - 1500 rpm, I'm assuming its in eco mode. You could say it almost sounds like its buzzing. I don't...
  5. 2014 Durango rear rattle roll call

    Durango Discussions 2014+
    Hey all in D land. I know this topic has mileage regarding 3 gen D's, but I think more needs to be done in regards to 2014 D's and getting warranty action. A sticky would be appreciated to get visibility on the forum. Our D has a terrible knock or rattle in the left and right rear corners when...