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  1. Durango Electronics 2011 +
    Hey y'all - first time/long time here. Given how crazy drivers have become around me (welcome to Brooklyn, NY), I'm seriously thinking of a dashcam. I've seen a lot of ideas on the best wiring, though, and was wondering if there is consensus. So far I've seen: Mount it on your dash, wire it...
  2. Durango Towing
    Wondering if anyone has installed the Redarc Tow Pro (Elite or Liberty) into @2018 Durango w/factory tow package installed. Wondering where you mounted the controller out of the way and where you installed the control knob. Photos help! Local prices for install only (not including equipment)...
  3. Dodge Durango How-to's
    Hi Not sure if this topic is covered but I’m planning a road trip and the only thing left is a fire extinguisher. What’s the best place to install it? What’s the appropriate bracket? I’m thinking of getting a standard sized extinguisher. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Durango Tech Tips
    Hi I have a 2017 Durango GT and was wondering if there are any links/posts showing step by step installation of a front and rear dash cam that's hardwired into the fusebox. I apologize if its already been posted but for some reason I can't find it.
1-4 of 4 Results