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  1. Durango Discussions 2004-09
    So I purchased a Fortin EVO remote start kit for my 07 with a 4.7. It looked like a pretty easy install, until I got to looking at the instructions. Does anyone know where the "datalink" is located?? I thought they were referring to the OBD port, but this data link is supposed to accept a 4 pin...
  2. Durango Accessories 2011+
    Just bought my first Durango and want to install a backup camera. Its a 2016 Durango SXT Plus with the 5 inch screen. Im considering the Crux but was a little hesitant since there are not many reviews on the CRUX out there on the internet, therefore wanted to get more opinions on it or if there...
  3. Dodge Durango How-to's
    This is the install for the front calipers
1-3 of 3 Results