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  1. Latest

    Recent updates. Shaved the body moldings, roof racks, dip from the grill, rims, trim, and bumpers. Added Toyo AT's, Mopar tow hooks, and body rocker trim, Rebuilt top end and throttle body. Fresh spark plugs, oil, filter. cowl, weather stripping, and front seats. Getting better with age.
  2. So no overdrive than?

    This is supposed to be good luck right? I usually like riding in town with overdrive off, but not this day. For some reason this lil fella was chilling there at the moment. Think fate was trying to tell me to just cruise.
  3. Streetcorner

    She looked good with her bra on. Kept the love bugs out of the engine bay too. Highly recommended.
  4. Suburban Hell

    Shortly after I put some new BFG KOs on her. I dipped the rims, grill, and badges. Installed a front end bra. Tinted the windows. Tinted the windshield 50%. Which if you live in a sunny place like I do, helps beat the heat while still being able to see perfectly... During the day that is,
  5. Always check your Vehicle for hitchhikers

    Animals are always up in my ride. In Florida, so they're not trying to stay warm.
1-6 of 7 Results