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    Okay. I just watched F9. Now I wanna spend money. Listen, I don’t wanna spend whipple money. Im caving in. Im limiting myself to $1500. I already have a magnaflow catback. What am i spending this money on? I wanna go fast. I have a daily driver so f*ck MPG on the Durango, lol...
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    Whatsup everybody, I'm curious what everyones experience has been with getting the most power out of their Durango. So far I've put in a AFE CAI and a Diablosport Tune...I'm looking to gain some more power WITHOUT supercharging (can't justify spending that kind of money). I was thinking about...
  3. Corsa Performance
    We are rounding 3rd and heading for home here at Corsa on the Durango 5.7L HEMI exhaust system! Working hard to provide you with the best product, performance and cost possible takes a little longer than we'd all like. Having driven the test mule personally and documenting the acoustics &...
1-3 of 3 Results