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  1. New Member Introduction
    Hey Guys. I'm new to the site. I just picked up a 17k mile 2018 Durango R/T AWD last night that was advertised as having the tow package, but does not. I discovered this before I made an offer and got the dealer to make a concession on this point. This is the first V8 vehicle in my livery in...
  2. Durango Towing
    Installed the Max-Frame two-inch hitch on my 2019 RT AWD a few days ago. Not sure if anyone else on here put on the Max-Frame hitch, so I thought I'd give my thoughts. Like the OEM one, this replaces the stock bumper guard, and I decided to install the Curt four-pin wiring harness too. The...
  3. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Thanks to this forum and the parts list I ordered the parts needed to added a hitch to my 2014 Durango Limited. Swapping out the new hitch with the place holder was fairly straight forward and only took an hour or so once I got setup. Today I was going to try and finish it up by installing the...
1-3 of 3 Results