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high mileage

  1. Need input on a High Mileage Durango

    Durango Discussions 2011-13
    Hi all. I'm new to the forum and hoping to be a contributor here soon....but first, I need a Durango. My wife and I looked at a 2012 Crew tonight that was nicely optioned, including Katskin leather and aftermarket heated seats. Here's the deal: 138,600 miles $12,990 -at a Dodge Dealer. V6...
  2. Exhaust/Egr issue (pics) PLEASE HELP!

    Durango Performance 2004-09
    30 year old woman just left an 8 yr relationship. Have an 05 2wd SLT 4.7 Almost 195k. Got this guy shaking and rattling almost 2 yrs ago. Tranny rebuilt. Replaced plugs and some coils due to the rain getting in rusting them. Fixed the seal for that, no more water in there. I have a Haynes do...