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  1. Help Please!!!!

    Durango Discussions 2011-13
    Something is wrong with my truck. I have 13 Crew and all the sensors flash then the windshield wipers start on their own. This affects my signaling because they won’t come on. I’ve taken my truck to the dealership 3 times and every time I leave it happens. It doesn’t start right away, I’d say...
  2. Crankcase ventilation

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Hello, I have a 2001 Dodge Durango sport with around 230,000 miles. It did not pass smog recently due to the crankcase ventilation system, we replaced the breathers and valve, however the two elbows connecting the breathers to the car are badly cracked. The problem is we can’t find anywhere to...
  3. Proud owner of brand new 2015 DD sxt

    New Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, Happy to see there's a community for the Durango, I used to own a Nissan Titan 11' 4x4 pro & they have an awesome forum for the newbs Haha. Just got my next brand new 2015 Dodge Durango sxt for an unresistable price & would like to see where should I invest the money saved...
  4. 2004 Limited HOMEMADE LIFT???

    Durango Photos/Videos 2004-09
    I have a 2004 Limited, leveled out, even slammed some 35's in there with no problem. I want to do a suspension lift but there are none available. Could I make my own by getting bigger shocks and springs? Or welding a block between the spring and the axle? How would I go about doing the IFS? I...
  5. durango has me stranded in Baja

    New Member Introduction
    2000 Durango, beach truck 4x4. Got it from a kite surfer leaving for the season- 1000. Its well loved & well used. If you know Baja you know what I mean. Replaced the upper hose & clucth fan yesterday, the compressor is sqweeling but that is the least of the worries. Came out to start it...