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  1. Durango Discussions 2004-09
    I know this has probably been asked before, but i wa t to make sure i know what to do before digging in. I just bought an 07 and the heat blows great up front. I have already checked and both rear heater core lines are nice and toasty,so thankfully not a clog. What would be the next issue? It...
  2. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Hi I have replaced my water pump, heater core, thermostat, and blower resistor. After replacing all these my heater still will not blow hot air. I would like to know why or if anyone has this problem and how they fixed it. 2000 durango 4.7 V8 4x4
  3. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    I just purchased this vehicle. I have replaced all the fluids, spark plugs, 3 evap hoses (p0442 and p0455 code) and the vehicle still surges (50-100rpm) while going at a steady speed in 4th or 5th gear you don't feel it (so not the tranny) but rather hear it and see the RPMs needle jump up and...
  4. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Has anyone else had this problem? We have a new 2015 Durango limited (6 Cyl AWD with the Tow Package). We noticed a smell through the heating system that reminds me of engine coolant or some other synthetic solution. We've only had the vehicle a few weeks and it's been there the whole time...
1-4 of 4 Results