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  1. Durango Discussions
    I am wanting to replace all the lightbulbs in my 2020 Dodge Durango GT to LED. I am trying to find a chart or manual that shows how many lightbulbs are in the car but I'm not having any luck finding one.
  2. Durango Tech Tips
    So I have a 2017 Durango GT, and recently I’ve been having a problem with the high beams. When I do my high beams they barely get brighter, like not even noticeable, they used to work fine. I’ve changed the headlights multiple times but still have this problem with whatever I put in there. (It’s...
  3. Durango Discussions
    I'm getting frustrated as hell with this. Every forum says to do something different. Please help me out. My 2002 Dodge Durango has the driver's side headlamp and tail light out. Could someone help me out with this? Thanks, in advance.
  4. Durango Discussions 2014+
    I can not for the life of me, figure out why there's a step off with my beam pattern. Does anyone know how to fix this or is it supposed to be like this? I had it with my OEM bulbs and also with the LED's I just installed. P.S. I lowered my right headlight so I have a straight line now. This...
  5. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Good day everyone! I am relatively new to the Durango scene and I am hoping to maybe get some help or ideas on a issue that I have brought upon myself. I have a 2014 Durango Limited and I installed LED headlights (s v.4) about a month ago. I was working to adjust the light to where the led's...
  6. Dodge Durango How-to's
    Good day fellow humans! I have been all over after replacing my headlight assemblies, and can't find anything on a left to right adjustment. Both headlights are pointing to the passenger side and hitting more on the shoulder than the road. Any ideas would be fantastic! Thanks in advance!
  7. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Are there any quality headlamp replacements for the 2000 Durango? I have purchased, and returned three sets from different companies due to the fact that the adjusters "pop" out of the cheap plastic retainers. Yes, you pop them back in, but only x times before the plastic wears/breaks and they...
  8. Durango Tech Tips
    I found this forum searching for a solution to a headlamp issue. Looks like a great place! I searched the issue, but couldn’t find anything - sorry if repost. But, to my problem. 2017 R/T had RF headlight (D3S) out. Bought new headlight but didn’t work. I thought maybe I had broken the bulb, so...
  9. Dodge Durango How-to's
    Video is for grand Cherokee but is exactly the same process as the engine bay is identical.
  10. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Hello All, I know this has been covered for some. But trying to figure out exactly what steps to take to prevent the issue from getting worse. I noticed week ago right after washing my car there was little beady water inside - now this time of washing i sprayed the house in-between the hood and...
  11. Durango Discussions
    Hello, I have a 2014 Durango limited I purchased it a year old, I don't have the original window sticker, looking through the owner's manual this car had a lot of extras most I don't have, Both headlights are out of adjustment and from reading this car had the option of self adjusting lights...
  12. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Ok I had a bad left front turn signal I was able to access it by removing the air filter and stuff but here is my problem There are 2 sockets next to each other One has the bulb and the other has a bunch of wires that go into the headlight assy. I unclipped the wrong one and when I tried...
  13. Durango Discussions 2004-09
    I'm cleaning up a 2007 Dodge Durango SXT I don't think it matters for this, but it is a "Pursuit" (model variation/package for use as a police vehicle). It has a headlight flasher module, but no strobe unless it is built into the main bulb. Headlights were cloudy, and I'm going to try to...
  14. Vendor Deals
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  15. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    So I have a 2003 Durango SLT, 4.7. The passenger headlamp and passenger brake light are both not working despite having changed the bulbs. I don’t have a multimeter to check grounds, but I did clean them up real good and still nothing. I do have a 12v probe though that I used to verify that...
  16. Dodge Durango How-to's
    Hey Yall. I am wanting to make some mods to my 2013 Durango. I am having problems finding custom headlights, tail lights, and exhaust that is cost effective. I have SXT model. I am also wondering will the 2014+ headlights fit my 2013? I don't think they will but just a thought...
  17. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Hello! How do you remove the connector pins behind the bulb? im accessing it through the wheel well, and it seem like it wont budge at all? any suggestions? ive tried wiggling it side to side and pulling down as hard as i could it just wont come off.
  18. Dodge Durango How-to's
    Hello! How do you remove the connector pins behind the bulb? im accessing it through the wheel well, and it seem like it wont budge at all? any suggestions? ive tried wiggling it side to side and pulling down as hard as i could it just wont come off.
  19. Durango Discussions 2011-13
    I seem to have a headlight lifespan averaging of about 4-6 weeks on my 2011 Dodge Durango Crew. The last bulb (left, low beam) lasted 2 days, then went out within 12 hours of installing a new fog light (right). Tried replacing the wiring and receptacle, as there were signs of carbon in the...
  20. Durango Discussions 2011-13
    Hey guys im back again... so I noticed this morning my right passenger headlight was out, so i assumed it just needed a bulb replacement, so i headed over to autozone, got back home and installed it, still nothing, all the other lights are working fine what else could the problem be? i hope...
1-20 of 20 Results