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fuel pump

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    My Durango won't start. Just sits there and keeps trying and trying to turn over. I've seen many people says it's either a battery issue(doubt that's my problem), spark plug issue, fuel pump relay issue or fuel pump issue. Has anyone tried to repair the relay on the TIPM themselves?
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    I need to replace the fuel pump in my 07 D Slt 4.7 flex. While calling around to get quotes I have run in to a bit of a confusing issue. The first garage I called quoted me $1000. The second garage I called quoted $450. I clearly identified the fact that my vehicle is flex fuel compatible with...
  3. Durango Discussions 2004-09
    Hello fellow Durangoites, long time lurker, first time post. A year ago last spring, my CEL came on, P03456, slight vacuum leak on the egr system. I pretty much ignored it as everything was running fine. CEL went out when the weather warmed up (Wisconsin) in late April. CEL came back on in...
  4. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Fuel pump went out. Shop replaced with oem part. Tried to start it with no luck. 3 codes came up: TPS, CPS, & MAP. I was floored and thought I was being scammed. So I pulled the codes myself and sure enough those 3 codes. I go get the parts and have the mechanic put them in. NOTHING! Just...