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  1. Durango Tech Tips
    Let’s see all of those custom exhausts!
  2. Durango Discussions
    Hi All. Just bought a 2021 SRT. I have a 2018 RT I need to sell. Not sure yet if I made the right choice but that's another thread. Has anyone sold a used exhaust for a Durango? I have a Corsa on my RT and the stocker is still in my warehouse. I have a dealer offering me good money for my RT...
  3. Durango Discussions
    Hey friends, I ordered my Corsa exhaust back in April and it has been delayed over 10 times and I still haven't received it. Just curious to see if anyone here is in the same boat i am with Corsa. I reached out to Corsa a few times about the delays and they keep giving me the generic excuse...
  4. Durango Discussions 2014+
    Last week user Tony H sold me his Corsa exhaust after upgrading to his sweet 3" setup on the 392 install. He hooked me up with an amazing price on this system. For some background, I drive about 25k miles a year. My 2017 R/T AWD has 85k miles on it. 2 Years ago I installed the Blastin Bobs...
  5. Durango Discussions
    Hello fellow Durango owners - brand new to the forums. Looking for some guidance or to see if anyone has done this. I have a 16 R/T with a Corsa Sport catback exhaust. Sounds great, but still seems at tad quiet. Has anyone cut resonators or mufflers off of this setup? I would imagine there would...
  6. Durango Performance 2011+
    Hello Durango forum members, We are in need of a 2017 Durango 5.7L for air intake validation. The vehicle would be at our facility in Berea, OH 44017 for 2 days and upon completion you will keep the installed intake at no charge. Please PM for further details or to volunteer. Cheers!! :D
  7. Durango Performance 2011+
    So I installed the corsa exhaust. Took about four hours, taking my time though. I would say out of that 4 hours almost 2 1/2 hours to get the exhaust hangers off the factory mufflers. Installing the corsa exhaust is straightforward and the fact that it comes in multiple pieces allows you to find...
  8. Durango Discussions
    I love my 2014 D R/T, and the stock exhaust isn't bad, but I want something...beefier... I know there are some options on the market, but from videos I've seen, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, and Borla all sound subdued with their resonators and nonsense. I love the sound of Corsa, especially on the 5.7...
1-8 of 12 Results