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  1. For Sale
    FS Front and Rear SRT Brembo calipers with Powerstop pads, hardware, and rotors. Brake pads have over half the material left. Also have oem SRT rear brake lines. These were bought brand new from Mopar and Powerstop. Used for only 15k miles on a 21 Durango RT and removed when traded in. These are...
    $1,800 USD
  2. Want To Buy
    WTB front left Brembo caliper, part 68146611AA or 68146611AB
  3. Dodge Durango 2018+ SRT and Hellcat
    Hey everyone. New here (member-wise), but been around a while. Was watching NCIS Hawaii last night and saw something I thought was pretty cool. It looks like a 2021 DDSRT with mods for police (not Pursuit model; no grille badge, but lights behind the grille) and YELLOW Brembo calipers...
  4. For Sale
    New, never used Racing Brake big brake kit. The links are below for you to see all the details. There are a few tiny nicks/chips from moving around the garage which is why these are $2,000 below cost. Please contact me with any questions. Selling our Durango so no use for these. $6500...
  5. For Sale
    I am selling Brembo calipers that are in like new condition with less than 2k miles on them. I had them painted to match my Durango so they will need to be repainted/powdercoated to another color. I ended up getting a deal on another set of Brembos since I was having problems locating rears it...
  6. 20210413_174915.jpg

    Comparison of rear Brembo to front OEM
  7. 20210413_180014.jpg

    Rear pin issues (needed correct pins)
  8. 20210413_180019.jpg

    Rear pin issues (needed correct pins)
  9. 20210417_100402.jpg

    Rear setup
  10. 20210417_100407.jpg

    Evil engineer location of rear brake line!
  11. 20210417_100415.jpg

    See the disc/drum combo rear (e-brake/ parking brakes use a smaller inner shoe)
  12. 20210423_165642.jpg

    Finally done and cleaned up!
  13. 20210413_113552.jpg

    Comparison of front Brembo to front OEM
  14. 20210413_113553.jpg

    Comparison of front Brembo to front OEM
  15. Durango Discussions
    Good Morning All, I have been having an issue with my local Dodge Dealership. I happen to notice that my calipers on my 2018 DDSRT have been peeling and delaminating. I had the same issue on my 2015 Jeep SRT. In my opinion when you pay over $60,000 for a high performance vehicle with Brembo...
1-17 of 18 Results