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  1. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    2003 Torque Specs brakes
  2. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    2000 D with 280,000 + miles with 5.9L So new master brake cylinder, new Booster and adjusted the push rod in the booster , new pads , new rotors and new calipers in front and all new break fluid. Bled the lines Fluid is making it to all wheels. So the brake pedal is not returning back to...
  3. Durango Performance 2011+
    Looking for a set of drilled and Slotted rotors for my 2021 R/T. Everyone I tried said No. Has anyone had any luck? Thanks for any Leads.
  4. 20210413_174915.jpg

    Comparison of rear Brembo to front OEM
  5. 20210413_180014.jpg

    Rear pin issues (needed correct pins)
  6. 20210413_180019.jpg

    Rear pin issues (needed correct pins)
  7. 20210417_100402.jpg

    Rear setup
  8. 20210417_100407.jpg

    Evil engineer location of rear brake line!
  9. 20210417_100415.jpg

    See the disc/drum combo rear (e-brake/ parking brakes use a smaller inner shoe)
  10. 20210423_165648.jpg

    Finally done and cleaned up!
  11. 20210413_113506.jpg

    Factory front brake and line
  12. 20210413_113510.jpg

    Factory front brake and line
  13. 20210413_113552.jpg

    Comparison of front Brembo to front OEM
  14. 20210413_113553.jpg

    Comparison of front Brembo to front OEM
  15. 20210413_114324.jpg

    Front brake line removal
  16. 20210413_120748.jpg

    Front OEM rotor (notice the rubber gasket retainer ring half removed)
  17. Durango Discussions 2014+
    I decided to paint the front brakes on my Durango R/T. I went with blue to be different and I thought it would match the Granite Pearl pretty well. I painted the retaining clip black too. Tell me your thoughts! Right now I am only doing the fronts. Why? I suppose because I just feel...
  18. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    I am in the process of buying this Durango from my boss, and I knew about this problem going into it, but I am getting it cheap with hopes of being able to fix the brake problem. So what is happening, every now and then when I use the brakes the front brakes catch really quick and lock up the...
  19. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Hello. I bought a 99 durango that was sitting for a while. When I went to do the front brakes i noticed an indent where the pads were sitting. I am also having a hard time finding caliper brackets specifically for the 99 durango. Is there a bracket that was used on multiple year models? Or is...
1-20 of 32 Results