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  1. 2011 Crew Brake Controller No power

    Durango Discussions
    I have a dealer installed Oem tow package and they did the manual splicing for a Tekonsha Primus iQ brake controller at the time. Years later I got a camper and I’m trying to run the controller but there is no power to the black wire. I chased it back to see where they spliced into and it’s an...
  2. 2000 5.9L Brake Fluid Level Sensor Wiring

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    My daughter has just bought a 5.9L 2000 Durango with a few issues. The first one is the Brake Light is on, which is most likely due to the fact that the Brake Fluid Sensor on the Master Cylinder is unplugged. The problem is a I can't find the connector for the sensor ANYWHERE. I have looked...
  3. ABS and Brake light w/out code

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    It's been quite awhile since I've been here. It was so long ago I couldn't remember what email it was attached to, so I had to open a new account. Anyway, I'm here in search of a little help with my 2K 4WD SLT w/4 wheel ABS. A few months ago the ABS and Brake light would come on occasionally...
  4. Front brake issue on 98 Durango

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    I have a 98 Duragno slt, 5.2 4wd. I recent replaced the front brake pads due to them being worn down. after I replaced them I noticed a slight rub on the passenger side. I took the pads back to the store thinking maybe they had given me the wrong ones. Even with the new, new pads, there still...