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  1. 99 Durango - 5.2l V8 4x4 - no security - No voltage charging

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Greetings all! My son has a 99 Durango with 5.2l V8, no OEM security option. It has seemed to be good, until this charging issue since we had an alternator short out, and when it did, we have come to find out, it took out the 140a fuse in the main distribution block. We replaced battery, we...
  2. 2020 Durango battery

    Dodge Durango How-to's
    Where is the battery located on the 2020 RT?
  3. Headlight Problem - 2000 Dodge Durango 4.7L

    Hello all I am relatively new to this forum. I recently bought a 2000 Dodge Durango off of someone on Craigslist and well... It's not in the best condition but I want to slowly put it back together before the transmission goes out on me (I'll make a future post for this problem) Anyways the...
  4. Alternator repaired battery light came on after few yrs

    Durango Recalls/TSBs 2011+
    Already had the new alternator and new battery repaired by Dealer a few years back, before the recall came out. Ran great!! No further issue....with alternator/battery... Now the Battery light is on. Question; were "new" alternators available then? Anyone have battery light on issue with any...
  5. Gauges ticking when off

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    I have a 99 Durango 5.2 slt Lately my battery has been dying, well a couple of weeks ago I noticed that while the engine was off and keys out of the ignition my dash needles kept ticking. It's my battery, oil, gas, and temp gauges only. I'm at a loss as to what it could be. Please help!
  6. WOT on start 2002 4.7

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Hi all. Hoping you all can help help with this problem. Ive been all over the net and this awesome site with no luck with finding a cure or others with this same symptoms. So here we go. We have a 2002 Dodge Durango with 4.7 automatic tran. A week ago the battery blew the negative post lose from...
  7. 98 Durango 5.9 - Dead Battery

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Now before you say the battery is bad let me walk you through the time line of events. A week ago I bought a starter and replaced that. All was well until the next morning where the battery was dead. I bought a new battery. Things were good for a few days and then we replaced the alternator...
  8. Battery location for 2011 - 2015

    Durango Discussions
    I went from a 98D to a 2014D and I just recently learned that the battery is now located under the passengers seat. I guess this started on the Gen 3's in 2011. I just have to post this on the forum because I would have felt like an idiot if I spent hours searching for it during a breakdown or...
  9. 98 Dodge Durango starting problems

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Ok I really need help. 140,000 98 Dodge Durango was running fine one night and then the next day would not start. It makes a noise that it wants to start like the motor is craking but it just wont. When we jump it it started. So we got a new battery. That did not work it would barely start and...
  10. Help! Won't start

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    First post. From the top. My roommate borrowed my 98 Durango and when he returned it he left the all the electronics on and ignored the ding from the headlights on. I didn't find this out until the next day when I went to replace a window regulator. Now the engine won't start. It makes the...