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  1. B1B02 code and airbag light.

    Durango Discussions 2004-09
    Ok, so I finally got the D running after replacing pistons/connecting rods, etc... The airbag light is on with code B1B02, open in drivers airbag. Any Ideas? I took apart the steering wheel and didn't find any damaged wires. All airbag recalls have been completed. Didn't have time to look...
  2. Steering Wheel Cover & Airbag Replacement

    Durango Accessories 1998-03
    Is it possible to use the cover and airbag from my current wheel and put it in another? I bought a leather one that has the wheel, wiring, & back, but is just missing the cover and airbag. Someone told me to go get an entire wheel, but do I really have to? I would think that those pieces could...
  3. Airbag trouble light

    Durango Recalls/TSBs 2011+
    Over the past couple of weeks, the airbag trouble light would intermittently come on and clear while driving. No pattern emerged (different temperatures, different speeds, straight roads, curves, etc). Yesterday it decided to stay on for good. I have a 2011 Durango Citadel model. Anyone else...
  4. 1999 Dodge Airbag light Probs

    Durango Discussions 1998-03
    So for my first car my dad got me a 1999 Magnum Durango. ever since we have had it the airbag light has been on. it hasn't done anything to affect me so i just leave it alone. i was just wondering if anyone knows how to get it to turn off. also i have been having transmissions trouble since the...