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air intake

  1. Durango Performance 1998-03
    Since I can't find what Im looking for to fit my 99 5.2 dodge durango I was gonna be fabricating it. Just need to know will a 2000 4.7 dodge durango air intake fit on a 99 5.2 dodge durango. I tried a nice Mopar air filter/intake but it was leaking. Looking to do a dual intake so would a 2000...
  2. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    well i tried to replace the air intake on my perfectly fine just passed inspection 5.9 dodge durango and some how ended up getting 4 dtc's the only one i can remember is p1495 for a ldp solenoid circuit problem but during a test run my suv couldn't pick a position for the transmission (it kept...