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  1. Durango Tech Tips
    2014 Citadel: AWD V6 with technology package, tow package and skid plate. I hope this never happens to anyone else, but if it does, I hope this info will help. I got rear-ended on the highway at about 20mph in the 2d lane from the right shoulder. No air bags deployed, nobody was hurt and the...
  2. [General] New users, please read this!
    2014 Citadel 7 months old...23,000 miles. I loved my car and planned to get another one but I'm concerned because No airbags deployed. A Mercedes sprinter cargo van hit us doing 65mph in a construction zone. Rolled two times, hit the car in front of us and the guard rail...and still no airbags!?
1-2 of 2 Results