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  1. SRT Accessories - Running Boards

    Durango SRT Discussions
    After receipt of my 2018 SRT Durango, in B5 Blue, I tried to get running boards installed. The shop said no one sold nerf bars or running boards for the SRT because of the rocker panel cladding. Additionally, the parts department at the dealership didn't have any either. As a family of older...
  2. Bug shield recommendations

    Durango Discussions
    Hi! I'm the very proud owner of my 2018 Durango RT and a new member here :D Living in Colorado, windshields take a beating in the winter with the sand and grit. I'd love to stop the windshield from getting pitted, but am worried a bug shield might scratch or mark the hood? If anyone has a bug...
  3. Retractable Cargo Cover Tonneau

    Durango Accessories 2011+
    I was wondering were to buy the OEM retractable cargo cover for the best price. (eta: Forgot to mention i have a 2016 Durango.) In the Toyota world, were I come from, there are a few dealers that have websites and sell for well below MSRP on parts and accessories. A part number would be...
  4. What site for Mopar accessories?

    Durango Discussions
    Hi, Other than in-person at the dealer, where do you guys like to buy Mopar accessories (like slush mats) online?