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    Hey there, I'm new here and need some help. I have a 99 Dodge Durango 5.2l 4x4 SLT. I recently replaced the power distribution center. They stopped making these boxes in 2011 so I had to get junkyard parts. But I matched the 8th digit on the vin. My fuel pump is no longer kicking on. I can turn...
  2. Durango Discussions 2004-09
    I just bought my first car, a 2004 Dodge Durango limites 5.7 hemi 4x4 with 204k and i was doing some maintenance when I saw that I needed coolant and I was wondering what type I need or what y’all would recommend, thank you
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    Straight pipes
  4. Durango Performance 1998-03
    Trying to find the best fit for an 01 4.7l 4x4 Everything is stock currently It has drank 91 oct its whole life Found a 3715 tuner on ebay for $130 anything better?
  5. For Sale
    Bought this transmission because I thought mine was toast. Ended up only needing a new trans filter. Old filter was so clogged it wouldn't allow any of the trans switches to operate. Let me know if you are interested. PM me or email & phone are below. Mark McCoy [email protected]
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    I have a 99 Durango 4x4. when I put it in 4 high it engages but when I take off it makes a grind sound ( like a fan blade hitting the shroud) but when I hold the 4x4 shifter while driving then it don't make that sound and works just fine. what would cause this issue? could it be a linkage or a...