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  1. Uconnect 8.4 v18.33.24 Freezes Google Assistant on Android Auto

    Durango Electronics 2011 +
    Hi, When accessing Google Assistant, via uconnect by touching the Android Auto mic button or the holding down the vr button on the steering wheel, I hear the Android assistant beep and see the vertical colored bars as if it is about to ask me want I want. But then those bars freeze, nothing...
  2. Jolting while downshifting

    Durango Discussions 2014+
    So I have a 19 sxt awd, automatic trans. purchased brand new in may. Since then I've noticed jolting while down shifting, mainly when slowing down to come to a stop. Thought in the beginning that maybe it was part of the breaking in of the vehicle (just a guess being it was my first new...
  3. In Seek Of - 2019 Durango GT - Bull Bars

    Durango Discussions
    Guys As the title states I am in seek of Bull Bars that fit the front end of the 2019 Durango GT. Have ordered from CarID and they sent me the 2011 version which will not fit and most of the other sites I have visited that state it will fit once asked on phone they admit it will not.
  4. Need suggestions - 2019 DD R/T - Radio Intermittently Black Screen

    Durango Discussions 2014+
    Hey guys.. This is my first post here. I did search and couldn't find my exact issue, so please excuse if I accidentally double post.. I have a 2019 Durango R/T. It's only 3 weeks old, have about 900 miles on it. Wed. we had some bad rain. Came out to the DD after work (~6PM), and the...