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  1. 2016 - Headlights - Sizing

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    Hi guys, I've been looking at adding some new headlights/fog lights to my 2016. I can't figure out the proper diameter. I'm looking at adding these halos, , any help on how I can figure out the diameter I need? Also, looking for...
  2. 2016 Durango r/t lease quote

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am about to lease a 2016 Durango r/t (white with red and black interior). Some of the options are sunroof, technology group, blackened package, and captain seats. I was offered $665 a month (includes sales tax) for 24 months @ 12K miles per year, with $2,100 up...
  3. Stuck in the Past

    Durango Purchasing
    It's disappointing to see the Dodge site still has the 2015 model Durango posted - Dodge Vehicle Lineup ? Choose a Dodge :thumbsdown: I thought that the latest date we'd see the 2016 MY was today, Jan 1. Come on now Dodge. It looks like you're living in the past.
  4. Official Canadian Spec Sheets

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    On Sept 1st, FCA released the Canadian specification sheet. It's much spiffier than the US version, and has MPG specs, albeit, they use Canadian measuring methods so the results aren't clear. A fun read.