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  1. [General] New users, please read this!
    I have had this issue for years and it has slowly gotten worse to the point I feel it is dangerous. I have taken to mechanic several times. My Durango will die at complete stop. If I slowly go into stop barley stopping, it will drop RPM but not die. It seems to do better when it gets warmer but...
  2. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Hello everyone so the other day i tackled the project of replacing my blower motor on my 2000 Durango 5.9 and it was a royal pain in the a** but saved myself a good amount of change doing it and if it wasn't for this guide i would have no clue what to do so i will leave the link here as a bump...
  3. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    I have a 2000 5.2L 2wd SLT, 154k miles. The transmission blew. I found an almost identical 1999 5.2L 2wd SLT with 98k miles junkyard transmission to swap in. Mechanic swapped it out and is now telling me she drives perfect, EXCEPT it does not shift into overdrive. What could cause this, and how...
  4. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Hi all, So my 2000 Dodge Durango 5.9L was running beautifully tranny is great engine is great it runs very smoothly. Till about two days ago it decided not to start on me one morning before my way to work. Now like I said it starts fine every time no signs of stuttering or rough idle nothing...
  5. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    I have a Friend that has the following: 1998, Dodge, Durango /w 5.2 (V8)L Engine (4x4) 2000, Dodge, Durango /w 4.9 L Engine (4x4) will the transmission inter change from the 2000 to the 1998 ?? i don't know what one is in each, sorry
  6. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    My 2000 D has 190,000 miles on it, original owner. I'm on a trip in Utah, and having noticeably less power when climbing grades, than I'm used to. I can barely keep the speed limit on uphills. We are at elevation in the mountains, and granted it has been quite hot 90-100 degrees or more. Now...
  7. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    It's been quite awhile since I've been here. It was so long ago I couldn't remember what email it was attached to, so I had to open a new account. Anyway, I'm here in search of a little help with my 2K 4WD SLT w/4 wheel ABS. A few months ago the ABS and Brake light would come on occasionally...
  8. Durango Discussions 1998-03
    Please Help I have a 2000 dodge Durango 5.9 that keeps over heating, I've change thermostat, water pump and sensor. but it still overheats what else can I change or check to see if it will work.
1-8 of 8 Results