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General Information

D Snipes
Durango RT AWD
Granite Crystal
Heavily Modded Package
Started this over 2 years ago with a cone K&N intake filter mod where it was housed inside the stock filter box. From there I learned everything about the 5.7 motor, mods available and where I wanted to go with my Durango. I'm a tinkerer and put 100% into things I love. Im going for the 11s naturally aspirated, with the stock bottom end 5.7. If Stuart Griffin can do it with his quad cab, Im sure I can do it with the Durango.
Performance and mod videos

Transition complete. Currently waiting for Jay to get better so I can get the tunes to start it.

2015 DD R/T AWD mods:
Custom CIA w/9in K&N Filter, Jay Greene 221/236 Locker Cam, American Racing 1 7/8 LT Headers to Catless Mids, American Racing 3in Catback, 3.45 Gears, Ported/Milled Heads, Ported 6.4 Intake Manifold w/Z Automotive SRV Controller, 4000+ Paramount "Hard Hit" Converter, 6.4 Injectors, ATI 15% UD SuperDamper, BBK 85mm TB, SOS Coils/Plugs Gapped to .065, Billet Catch Can, 180 Tstat, PLX wideband o2, MDS/VVT deleted/ Phaser Locked, Diablo Trinity w/Jay Greene 100 to 109 Octane PCM Tune and TCM Tune (Waiting for the tune), Eibach Lowering Springs on 20in Black Rhino Faro's, Nitto 420V 265/50 R20s, 620 lbs race weight reduction, Custom Fuse 77 Toggle Switch, Custom Track Intake. Custom underbelly drag reducing panels. Manton valve springs, retainers and pushrods, Manley Race Flo intake and Race Master exhaust Valves, Stanke Rocker Stabilizers

Future mods: Front Brembo's, Ported 6.4 Ram intake manifold (if I can modify it right)

All installed with my own two hands in my garage. Tuning by Jay Greene at Greene Racing. Tires installed on wheels by Discount Tire.

Best run with a 91 octane race tune and 3.45 gears and ported intake manifold got me a 12.92s 1/4 mile @ 106 mph. -239 altitude, -615 DA in Death Valley. Mods added since.

Best Las Vegas run was a 13.07 @ 105 mph, complete track ready on radials and with 97 octane. With all mods so far, except the track intake. 1975 ft altitude 1467 DA. Best track run that night was 13.62. heat soak killed times by half a sec or so. New track intake will help with that significantly.

Track Ready x4 305/35r20 Nitto 555rIIs on
20x10 Trackhawk Replicas

On street tires, 370 lbs weight reduction, 97 octane. Pre ported intake manifold and SOS coil run. 1300DA. Best track run in Las Vegas so far. Barley had to wait for runs, so intake temps stayed lower. 13.17 @ 105 street run that same night. Started porting the intake manifold the next morning.

Best Las Vegas run. 97 Octane complete track ready. 480lbs weight reduction. On drag radials.

In Death Valley. 91 Octane. 340lbs weight reduction. After Porting Intake Manifold. -615 DA

Death Valley. 91 Octane. Best run right after 3.45 Gear Swap. 340lbs weight reduction. -321 DA.


3.45 Gears
Currently can have 620lbs of weight reduction for racing/pulls, which includes removal of all seats and a lightweight racing seat in place of the drivers. Will be removing the catback and using post header turndowns at the track. Best 1/4 mile run so far was done with ~340lbs of weight reduction in Death Valley. Best Las Vegas run was with 480bs of weight reduction. Waiting to test a 5lb Antigravity ATX-20-HD battery, 55 more lbs of weight savings.
345 HEMI badges
American Racing 1 7/8 Long Tube Headers to Catless Mids, 3” American Racing Catback.
Wheel and Tire
20x9 Black Rhino Faros w/ Nitto 420V 265 50r20s or 20x10 Trackhawk Replicas w/305/36r20 Nitto 555riis


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