Pissed off @ fca and dealer
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Thread: Pissed off @ fca and dealer

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    Unhappy Pissed off @ fca and dealer

    I have owned my 2018 GT for 9 months now. To say that I haven't been happy with warranty issues is an understatement. When I took it in for it's first service, I explained to them that there was distortions in the windshield. It was especially noticeable @ night and when the windshield was wet. If you had oncoming traffic or a street light, you were blinded until it passed. The service adviser confirmed this. But I was told that someone from FCA would have to see it. Well, I work 53 miles away from the dealership and it is hard for me to get there during regular hours. I just so happened that I had the same isssue as most of you, and had water in my race track and LED quit working. I arranged to leave it. Was not offered a loaner(vehicle had 9k miles on it). They were to schedule someone to look @ the glass at that time as well. I was never contacted the next day, and I called them. The manager was going to DRILL a hole in my tail lights to release the water and seal it with RTV! I told him absolutely not, and this began my fight with FCA. After SIX days and me presenting ALL of the listings from people on this site, they agreed to replace the light on my NEW 9,000 mile Durango....only, no one had ordered the part. It was a Friday, and the part would not be in until the following Tuesday. TEN days after I dropped it off. When I went pick up the vehicle, I asked if the windshield had also been replaced. I was told that I would have to take that up with FCA and it was not done. FCA told me that even though the dealership had noted that they had verified my problem with the glass(and I even told them that they could take the vehicle home @ nite to see the true extent of the distortion, which they did not) They told FCA that they could not see any problems with new vehicles on the lot, so they would not replace(well, not shit...MINE had the problem). I ate a $600 windshield!
    On Monday of this week, I washed the vehicle. I noticed that my paint was peeling away on the rear bumper all along the seam of the step. I called FCA. They told me to take it to the dealer. I told them that I refused to take it back to where I bought it. Was given another dealer, 20 miles away from work. I took a half day off from work. When I got there, the service department took pictures, but told me that they had no body shop. I would have to drive an additional 18 miles north of where I was. The inspector @ the body shop informs me that it was peeling due to improper prepping prior to painting and informs me that it will probably occur on other areas of the vehicle as well. The vehicle is 9 months old with 16k miles on it! Now I'm pissed. I go back to the dealer and say that I just want out of this vehicle. The offer me $22k I PAID $48K FOR IT 9 MONTH'S AGO! I told them that I would burn it first. He tells me that they hold no value. I call where I bought it from and give them one opportunity to make it right. They offer me $25k. I told them that they will be hearing from my attorney. I call FCA, they tell me that they don't do 'buy-back's. That is up to the dealer. FCA agreed to only paint the bumper
    I have contacted my attorney, who is one of the best in the nation(he is the attorney who sued the NFL over CTE and won...

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    Wow totally unacceptable. Keep us updated.

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