2013 Crew Downshifts above 60mph
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Thread: 2013 Crew Downshifts above 60mph

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    2013 Crew Downshifts above 60mph

    Have a 2013 Durango Crew that did not come with a tow package, but added a trailer hitch and light kit to it. Have a double jet ski trailer with one jet ski on it. While towing above 60mph, it downshifts out of overdrive so rpm’s are high. Have 80k on it and just had dealer service the transmission. Still does same thing. I want to tow on a four hour trip, but feel uneasy at 3-3.5k rpm constantly at 65-70mph. Any
    reasons why it does this? Need transmission programmed for towing, etc?

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    I have a 2013 Durango Crew as well with a 3.6L. From what I've found, towing anything more than 1000-2000 pounds, any little up hill run will cause the tranny to down shift. I found it hard (in the sense of the constant downshifting) to stay above 60mph.
    I currently tow 5000# and I manually do the shifting and at cruise I stay in 4th. I find the manual shifting stops the computer from chasing gears. When I hit any little hill, I will have to downshift to 3rd which kicks rpms up to 3-3.5k to maintain speed.

    For me, at 65mph, my engine runs just under 2500 rpms which is also the rpms at 75-80 in overdrive.

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