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Thread: Cargo area retractable cover for 2019 SRT

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptMoe View Post
    I recently dusted mine off and went to install it just for fun. I could not get the ends to compress enough for it to fit back in!!!
    I could very easily just throw it back in storage but, now I'm not giving up until I get it
    I installed mine when I took delivery, just to make sure it fit. I remember it was a bit tricky to figure out how to compress it. Of course as soon as I got home I took it sits in the basement with the other ones from Chevy and Subaru that we have accumulated over the years.....

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    Anyone out there still not using theirs? Got a 2017 that didn’t come with one. Shuttling a pair of baby twins around has me driving very often with third row down and some assorted baby supplies, strollers, play yard, etc.

    This cover would come in handy. If anyone out there has one collecting dust and would be willing to sell. Please reply or shoot me a message. If you’d like to quote me shipping to 00727 that’d be great.

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    2018 Durango SRT
    I didn't realize there was a cargo package for '18. (mine doesn't have that).

    Does anyone know if pre-2015 covers will work for newer Durangos? (i've seen some for sale that say they fit 2011-2015, which are cheaper than ones that say they'll fit mine).
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    2018 Durango SRT, Knuckle White. Tech package, Tow, Sunroof, Full middle console.

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