2011 LED signal bulb swap
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Thread: 2011 LED signal bulb swap

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    2011 LED signal bulb swap

    OOPS SORRY WRONG PLACE somehow. Reposted

    Have a question on the signal bulbs. Can I swap out the incandescent signal bulbs to LED and NOT have the hyper flash thing go on. I was in the books today and there is no real "flasher" anymore. I forget what they call it but some kind of module is what controls it. I know they make the old style "plug in" flashers that are specifiacly made when you add LED bulbs. I'm guessing it has a resistor built in. I guess I could buy a handful of bulbs off e-bay and just try it and see.

    On a second note, LED headlights. I have the OEM non HID headlight assembly's, will LED's work and not melt the reflector thing they go in behind? What about HID bulbs? If that little thing is just a plastic reflector, those HID bulbs get plenty hot, so I personally wonder about burning them.
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