I can hear this click noise 90% of the time when braking at lower speeds. It can be by either of the 4 tires. To me it kind of sounds like a bolt dropping into a bucket. Love the durango except for this clicking. Took her to get the brake booster and two other recalls taken care of and told the service advisor about the noise. To me he totally ignored it because the mechanic never told him what it was and he said when he gave me back the car that is must have been the brake booster. wtf? But if I have the noise still to bring it back. I heard the noise immediately (before I even got of the dealership lot) but was so upset that I didn't bother to say anything at the time because I would have lost it.

My brother told me Dodge is notorious for having suspension noises as he used to be an insurance adjuster for 10 years.

Anyone else experience this noise in the manner I am describing? Is my SUV going to eventually fall apart? I am thinking I am going to trade her and stay away from Dodge.